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Nayudamma Award 2012 - The Hindu Daily Coverage

Computers are dispensable: Rajanna

India has fastest growing cell penetration: Nayudamma awardee

V. Rajanna, president of IT and ITES Industries Association of AP, said there is no need to worry about far lower computer awareness and penetration in India when compared to that in some other developing countries in the world.

“India has only 1.6 personal computers per 100 people. In China, they have 6 PCs. But with the help of mobile phone, millions of Indians living in rural parts can be reached now,” said Mr. Rajanna, delivering the 17th Prof. Nayudamma Memorial Lecture here.

Mr. Rajanna was presented Prof. Nayudamma Award by the city-based Nayudamma Centre for Development Initiatives.

Central Leather Research Institute director A.B. Mandal presided over the meeting while NCDA director A. Jagadeesh introduced the awardee.

In his speech, Mr. Rajanna said that mobile phone can be used to reach millions of rural people who never have seen a computer and India has the fastest growing mobile penetration in the world with over 929 million mobile users reported by May 2012. Mobile phone can be used as a banking terminal and smartcards or biometrics can be used for authentication.

Transactions can be printed through a hand-held device.

Mr. Rajanna said that technology is being effectively used to many utilities and advantages of society as was envisioned by towering personalities like Prof. Nayudamma, whose contributions are a source of inspiration for many.

Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology chairman Vanki Penchalaiah and other institutions honoured Mr. Rajanna on the occasion.

Source: The Hindu

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