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Meet the one city in America where cars have been banned since 1898

Meet the one city in America where cars have been banned since 1898
Stephen Messenger / Living / Culture / June 28, 2013

When early automobiles first arrived on the scene in the late 19th century, few people could have imagined that they would one day take over the world. In fact, some towns found the noise and exhaust from these novelty 'horseless carriages' so off-putting that early cars were actually outlawed in some places.

In time, of course, restrictions were lifted and the car soon became ubiquitous across the country -- but there is still one place in the United States that has yet to change its mind. Meet Mackinac Island, where cars have been banned since 1898.

Located just offshore of mainland Michagan, in Lake Huron, Mackinac Islandand its namesake city have long been a favorite spot for a relaxing getaway. So, when automobiles first began to arrive, loudly sputtering along the island's once-quiet roadways, startling horses and spitting out smoke, it quickly became apparent to locals that this new invention was not for them.
One resident at the time was quoted as calling cars "mechanical monsters" -- clearly not a glowing review.
Naturally, in 1898, the Mackinac village council moved to outlaw the automobile before the monsters had a chance to take over:

Comment by Anumakonda Jagadeesh

Great. Infact bicycle is the most clean energy for transportation. Will other countries emulate Mackinac Island? Of course some consciousness is there to revive bicycle use in many countries.

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