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China's New Green Plan: the Local Angle

China's New Green Plan: the Local Angle

Posted Dec 8, 2010 by Warren Karlenzig

To get a better view of what was happening at the local level in terms of China's new national low carbon and ecological planning, I recently traveled to Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. Jiaxing (above--click on photos for full size) is a "small town" of about four million that is now only 21 minutes (80 kilometers) from metro Shanghai on a new high-speed electric train line, the fastest in the world--the line, which will eventually extend to Beijing, recently set a test record of 259 miles per hour.

I was traveling with other strategic advisers from the Institute for Strategic Resilience, Irv Beiman and Daniel Zhu. Jiaxing is Zhu's hometown, and he helped arrange our two-day visit.

Jiaxing sees itself as a "Garden City" (with more than 40 percent forest cover), and truly it felt that way thanks to extensive landscaping and forests planted on the site of former rice fields. Jiaxing is also billing itself as the "Oriental Silicon Valley," which embodies China's plans to transform its economy, particularly in eastern coastal areas such as the Yangtze Delta, from manufacturing to service industries, such as IT and green technologies, to supplant its product-export-dominated industrial base.

Anumakonda Jagadeesh comments:

Excellent post. China's commitment to reduce green house gases to avert climate change is a welcome sign for clean environment.

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